Trading what is, not what was, or might be

Supporting fund managers, and institutional investors with cutting-edge data-led technologies for superior market performance.


Our Vision

Our vision is to establish the global hub for algorithmic trading strategy development, setting a new standard in how hedge funds and institutional investors interact with the capital markets. We will provide innovative strategies and advanced technology solutions to enhance trading performance and maximise returns, giving our clients a significant competitive edge in dynamic markets. The goal is to simplify the complexities of strategy development and deliver strategies that forecast and produce superior results.


Market Problems

Crowded trades, herding behavior
ame indicators and
data sources = no edge

Aged trading indicators and math
1976: average technical indicator/method development year

No central exchange for Forex
Creates lack of transparency and increased risk

No easy way to use real time Market Force data
Integration takes years of industry experience

Inability to back test with confidence
Back test results rarely compare to live and differ from one broker to another

Traditional coding for Algo strategies
Slows the strategy development  cycle

Inability to access reliable and consistent data


The Solution is AlgoAI Labs Trading System

We have solved these problems with a highly responsive tech-stack platform that allows operators to design, test, and trade without coding. The system design allows for building an unlimited number of custom trading strategies in several markets by leveraging groundbreaking mathematics and exclusive new indicators enriched by extensive Market Force data gathered into our databases since 2016. Our AI powered solution streamlines and fast tracks the strategy development process.


Our Notable Green Flags


Market Potential

Overseas statistics indicate that in 2022, about 46% of European and US hedge funds used algo providers – a 33% increase from 2019.

Global algorithmic trading is expected to grow by 70% from 2019 to 2024.

Fund managers operating in Australia
Total number of managed investment schemes
Bn total FUM in managed funds

Advantages & Edge

➤ Strategic Partnerships with 

  • Established relationship with AFSL Hedge fund structure waiting for Scale. 
  • Work in progress to make us ‘platform-independent’.

Data sets collected since 31 Aug 2016 enable identification of statistical and causal relationships to market prices (unique market force data), which dynamically increases the probability of a successful trade.

New system processes to stay out of potentially ‘bad trades’ when price is not aligned with market forces.

New binary indicators streamline the visualization of buy-or-sell signals and accelerate the trading strategy development cycle. 

New Chrono-Sync-Bar Analysis enables easier comparison of like for like in time series data.

Newer, faster, and smarter non-lagging Math.

Trading strategies built ready for scale.

Meet the Minds behind AlgoAI Labs Trading System


Phil Johns

CEO & Managing Director / Project Instigator / Experienced Algo-trader / Interface With Investors And Other Key Stakeholders


Cameron Madlani

CTO & Chief Programmer / Project Collaborator / Experienced Algo-Trader / Highly Experienced in AWS and Systems Architecture


Capital Utilization Plan

We’re Raising $5M

Here's how we'll use the funds

Projected Valuations

Our future valuation is a direct factor of our ability to build out strategy portfolios from our existing base which will be expanded with the funding.

75% Return
75% Return
100% Return
100% Return
125% Return
125% Return

DCF Valuation: These values are calculated based on the discounted cash flows of the net profits (returns exceeding 45% threshold) and reflect the present value of these profits over three years. The scenario with higher returns notably increases the valuations due to the larger portion of FUM being retained as profit. (45% threshold = 15% return to unit holders, 30% allocation for costs). This calculation estimates the worth of future profit flows in today’s terms, discounted back at a rate of 15% over three years for a hedge fund running AlgoAI Labs’ strategies.
EBITDA Valuation: Applying a 6x multiple to the annual profits gives significantly higher valuations, illustrating the potential market worth based on earnings.


You’re invited to join us!

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